Club Penguin Rockhopper Ship!

Club Penguin’s most loved pirate, Rockhopper, has set sail to the island in order to make it here on time for the Adventure Party 2012 that begins quite shortly. Rockhopper and his Puffle Yarr, who are travelling here on the Migrator, as usual, appear to be carrying plants, fruits and trees.

Club Penguin: Rockhopper is Approaching

We also have a closer view of what Rockhopper and Yarr are transporting to the Club Penguin island, we shall most likely be seeing a lot of these items around the island during the Adventure Party and there is a chance he will be selling them in his catalog.

Club Penguin: Rockhopper is Approaching

I cannot wait for Rockhopper and Yarr to visit the island again, it feels like it has been ages since they last came to see us. Are you excited for Rockhopper and Yarr? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.


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