Club Penguin Log Off Screen Update!

Recently, Club Penguin has released two brand-new log off screens. As you may have already guessed, both of these new log off screens include Captain Rockhopper due to the upcoming Club Penguin Adventure Party with special appearance by no other than, Captain Rockhopper himself. Without further discussion, let’s resume to our first Adventure Party-related log off screen. This brand-new log off screen contains an image of Captain Rockhopper located on the far left side along with his red puffle, Yarr, as he gestures towards his ship, The Migrator. In the distance, you can see his famous ship sailing across the ocean. On the top right, is huge text that reads… Arr, I be returning on Thursday! …which means he will be arriving right on time for the upcoming Club Penguin Adventure Party.

New Club Penguin Log Off Screens

The second log off screen contains a rocky mountain located in the middle, with a trail going upwards towards The Migrator. On the top left hand corner, you see huge text which reads: Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit … Starts August 23 – Along with Rockhopper, are two fellow penguins dressed for what looks like an adventurous mission. This log off screen is also decorated with many types of fruit, since the Club Penguin Adventure Party will include fruit items which, as you may already know, is only available for Club Penguin players in the UK Community.

New Club Penguin Log Off Screens

In my opinion, these two log off screens are properly themed and exquisitely detailed. I am really excited for the Adventure Party, especially after viewing these two log off screens. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a success and many penguins will have a blast!

What are your thoughts on these two brand-new log off screens? Are you as excited as I am for the upcoming Club Penguin Adventure Party? Let us know in the comments section below.


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