Penguin Band Tracker

Here below is Penguin Band Tracker if you what to refresh the tracker click here!

This is The Penguin Band Player Cards:






















And here below there is some cheats to find them more easy!

  1. PB is in more visiteble servers!
  2. To find them easyer check this servers first: Mammoth, Blizzard, and Frozen!
  3. The Penguin Band is always very crowded when they are online. Be sure to check the users in room list instead of searching for them in the room. The users in room list is alphabetized and easier to search through.
  4. Finding the Penguin Band takes a lot of patience. Try to use our tracker and with some time you will find Penguin Band. The Penguin Band may be on multiple servers at the same time.
  5. If you do find the Penguin Band on Club Penguin, click on the free gift button on the far right for the Penguin Band’s autographed background.
  6. The Penguin Band is four separate penguins. Each penguin will give you the same background when you find one of them. Many times all four members are found together. If you find them on Club Penguin, click on them to view his player card.
  7. The Penguin Band tracker above is highly accurate and updates the room and server the Penguin Band was last seen in. Click here to refresh the Penguin Band tracker!

About Penguin Band:

Who is Penguin Band?

The Penguin Band is the official Club Penguin band. The Penguin Band consists of 4 members: Petey K, Stompin’ Bob, Frank, and G Billy. If the Penguin Band is not playing at the Iceberg, that means they are walking around the island! Check the tracker for more information.

What room does the Penguin Band mostly appear in?

The Penguin Band is most likely at the Iceberg, but can be at many other rooms as well.

When is the Penguin Band on the island?

The Penguin Band usually arrives to the Club Penguin island on a music type of party, such as the Music Jam every summer.

When is the Penguin Band online?

The Penguin Band is usually on during peak hours of the day. They like crowded servers, such as: Mammoth, Alaska, Alpine, Arctic, Abominable, Yeti, and Zipline.

How can I find the Penguin Band?

The Penguin Band usually stays on a server for 10-15 minutes before they switch. Don’t forget, the Penguin Band can also appear in member rooms, such as the Backstage at the Music Jam. They will usually be on servers that have 4-5 bars. If you see a lot of penguins crowding someone, you may have found one of the Penguin Band members.

What background are the Penguin Band members giving out?

To see what background the Penguin Band members are giving out, scroll up until you reach the top of the page.

How can I get the Penguin Band stamp & background on Club Penguin?

To receive the Penguin Band stamp and background, you will have to find at least one of the Penguin Band members. You can also add each one of them as a friend once you find them. Make sure to use our tracker for the latest locations.


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